Space exploration technology Corporation, popularly known as SpaceX, founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk, is an American Aerospace Manufacturer and Space Transport service, provider. Reduce space transportation costs and make a human colony on Mars are the main goals of SpaceX. 

SpaceX reusable launch system development program is a privately funded program to set new technologies for the orbital launch system. The main motto of SpaceX is to reuse the system in a similar way like we use aircraft. Reusable launch system technology was developed and used for the very first time in Falcon family rockets to recover the first stage.

Now the recovery system will be extended by SpaceX to recover both the first-stage and upper-stage in Falcon Heavy Rocket. According to Ars Technica, Falcon Heavy is SpaceX's much-awaited heavy life vehicle, which consists three Falcon9 cores and right now the most powerful in the world. The biggest challenge for SpaceX will be the recovery of the upper stage as well as the first stage composed of a single Merlin engine that is the nine engines used on Falcon9 first stage.

In line with Elon Musk, the recovery idea of the two stages is easy to dream but too hard to prove. If SpaceX becomes successful to reuse the both stages, then it would allow SpaceX to recycle an entire rocket. Musk also added that the chance of success will be very low, but really it deserves to give a shot.

 After reaching a higher altitude than the first stage, how the second stage will be recovered, it's still unclear. Maybe the Merlin engine and parachutes will help. Though there is no specific idea, SpaceX's Head Elon Musk shared that the idea of Dragon Spacecraft returning from orbit can help to bring back the stages. According to Tech Crunch, the only goal is to reuse the upper stage of the Falcon Heavy, which will fulfill the dream of Musk to make Mars a viable target for repeal, return commercial spaceflight.

Musk also confessed that right now launching a lengthy manifesto of the commercial mission on Falcon Rocket is the first priority of SpaceX. So there will be a delay in launching Falcon Heavy, maybe sometime in late summer, 2017. As because the Falcon Heavy is a very tough project to install, the SpaceX had redesigned the core portion and also used two "flight proven" Falcon9 cover as the side boosters around center care.

So SpaceX's head Elon Musk playfully told that we might see silliest things to be added in Falcon Heavy Rocket to make the impossible mission possible. If Falcon heavy-lift rocket would launch properly, then it will open a new group of potential customers whole worldwide.