Since the official debut of Nintendo Switch nearly a month ago, a number of its users are already having a hard time looking for the replenishment of units at local retail stores and online shops. That said, security professionals have recently warned Nintendo Switch users to beware of the scam that has been surfacing, which primarily targets gamers like them. The scam is said to bluff Switch users by making them believe that a software emulator exists for Nintendo's latest console.

Fake Nintendo Switch Emulators

According to Mirror Online, Norton has already uncovered a fake emulator that allegedly claims to have the ability of enabling the gamers to play Nintendo Switch games on a PC. As expected, the security team reveals that scammers have been using an elaborate trick that would eventually require users to put in their personal details before being able to download the supposed software.

Additionally, in one of his statements, Satnam Narang from Norton explains that a search for Nintendo Switch Emulator on YouTube has already yielded a variety of results, accumulating up to tens of thousands of views.

Furthermore, as per Business Scoop, while most of the fake Switch emulator videos contain links to external websites, there was one case wherein the website was reportedly promoted within the video description field itself. Thus, for those who are looking to play emulated Switch games on their PC, security experts say that it's all up to being mindful of websites that ask you to fill out a survey to unlock content.

On the other hand, a number of experts have already explained that emulation in itself is very comparable to a gray area; in some cases, it allows users to play and sometmes it does even more damage. Ultimately, it was found that since Nintendo Switch's sale last month, it has already been regarded as the fastest-selling console in Nintendo's history.