Electric cars have become a new thing for the modern world. Whether it is the eco-friendly reason or the growing shortage of petroleum the electric cars will arrive at every doorstep in future. BMW is one of the automobile companies who is encouraging the growing trend.

According to Cnet, The German automobile giant BMW has stamped its authority in the electric car section by already launching its sole model i3. Because of the growing demand the company has started to offer the iPerformance plug-in variants for the 7-Series and 3- Series.

It has also rolled out electrical plug-ins for the 2-Series and the X5. Even though BMW has launched the plug-in hybrid supercar i8, it is not a car for all as it is a 2-seater luxury car. In an interview with the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, the CEO of BMW Harald Krueger said the company is looking to sell 100,000 electric cars as early as 2017.

According to Car Advice, To provide the better experience for electric car owners and to encourage more people, BMW Australia has joined hands with shopping center network Westfield. The partnership will see new charging stations for electric cars 10 locations across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. These stations installed by ChargePoint will provide free charging for not only BMW but for any electric car owner.

All these charging locations will only be compatible with vehicles using the single-phase J1772 connector standard, also universally known as "Type 1". This type is mostly used in electric cars in the US and Australia. The charging stations will be offering Level 2 charging for all compatible vehicles which will provide between 18 to 40 kilometers of driving for every hour of charging. As the European market already offers faster three-phase Type 2 standard, it is will be interesting to see how BMW evolves in the future for the Australian market.

In other news, Tesla has completed the installation of its 200th Charging station. Two Tesla High Power Wall Connectors were installed at Fox Creek Wines, McLaren Vale in the South Australia. With the growing trend of eco-friendly transportation, these initiatives will definitely change the way we look at the concept.