There's a lot of drivers in the entire world who do not properly park their cars in the best it possibly could. A video shared on YouTube that goes viral all over the internet is the best example. The video showed a modified Jeep Wrangler nudging a 5 series into the lines of a parking area because the said driver of the BMW was in such a rush.

In the video, it shows that the said Jeep Wrangler causes a decent damage to the BMW's rear driver's side door. Obviously, the Jeep Wrangler don't have that much damage as it tries to put the said BMW in place.

The driver of the Jeep Wrangler did disappoint the owner and the viewers, he could have just waited for the driver to arrive so they can talk about his inappropriate and improper parking, but what he did was also an eye opener to those of the people who do not basically park properly.

Damaging other people's property is really not a good thing, but also it makes us more aware in most cases. The driver of the Jeep Wrangler should do the right thing anyways and to those of the drivers who do not park properly, it won't basically hurt if you park properly your cars, those lines in the parking areas are set to be there for a reason, so drivers should follow the exact lines.

Follow such rules and regulations to be away from any forms of road rage that can cause such damages. The video just shows how badly it can turn if we do not basically do the right thing. Anyhow, pushing another people's car just to put it in a right position does not make it more appropriate. Both of the drivers of the said BMW and the Wrangler did the wrong thing.