"One Punch Man" was released as an Animation or Anime around December 2015. The rest of the episodes slowly came out over the beginning of 2016 and it very suddenly became the best and most viewed anime in 2016.

Forbes said that people who were not even interested in anime or had nothing to do with it would watch it mainly because this semi-parody anime has such a unique plot that differs from all other anime. The protagonist of this anime, Saitama, has unlimited power so far.

This means that he beats every antagonist that shows up with just one punch, hence the name. This show offers amazing animation as well in its fighting scenes and normal scenes in general. It is both beautiful and action packed.

Many people were amazed by the fact that this anime was such a highly classed anime. Most just assumed that they had an over the top animation budget. It was so widely beleived that Chikashi Kubota, the head animation director had to send out a tweet.

The tweet said that there was no over the top budget for "One Punch Man" and that it was a very average budget. The animation team was filled with passionate animators who put their heart and soul into the show according to Anime News Network.

This show offers a lot of digital animation as well as a lot of elements from other forms of animation as well. It very closely follows the manga without sparing any detail and that is how it earned its title as one of the best anime out there.

This is apart from the fact that this anime was made to be a parody anime of all other anime. However it earned its own spotlight. The next season of One Punch Man is being awaited by perhaps millions of people who watched the first season. However as of right now nothing is confirmed.