Graphics are one of the most important factors in modern gaming. Graphics at this point are highly competent in the PC gaming sector. This causes companies to create high-powered graphic processing units, or GPUs to make the user experience that much more beautiful.

The top of the market right now is the GTX 1080 and its upcoming brother, the 1080 Titan. However last month AMD released the Vega 10 which is their own GPU and it has some incredible features that allow it to compete with the GTX series.

According to PC Games N, AMD never really released a GPU which was capable of providing a full 4k resolution with fluid gameplay. Not because they were not able to, but because they just did not make one. However, the Vega 10 will be the first and it already may make the number 1 spot.

According to WCCF Tech, the full specifications of the GPU were laid out. The process node is 14 nanometer, and the stream processors are a full 4096 units. It has the highest performance in AMD history at 12.5 TFLOPS.

In terms of memory the GPU has 8GB of it. This counts for 8GB of memory apart from the PC RAM which is solely dedicated to graphical performance. The bandwidth is 512 GB Per second. This is quite the impressive performance coming from a GPU in 2017.

The GPU offers twice peak performance per clock. It has a great cache for bandwidth, and a lot of next generational features such as Pixel engine, and Compute engine.

It has great supports for clocking which is highly needed for great performances in high-end games these days. Overall this GPU seems very promising. People are saying that this new GPU will be able to handle the GTX series and a newer version, the Vega 11, is also said to be released which will battle future combatants.