Created by Sui Ishida, the Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese series that makes use of the manga style to create one the best dark fantasies. As per reports, the series is said to have both a sequel as well as a prequel of the same. The seinen manga magazine named Weekly Young Jump was the one to collect and feature it within the time span of September 2011 to September 2014.

According to MIT, Manga can be any form of printed comic material that differs from anime. Manga are specific patterns of comics that are created mainly in Japan. It was a style that was developed in the 19th century in the Japanese lands itself. This is a basic pattern and a framework that adorns the structure of Tokyo Ghoul. Manga is specific patterns The plot the series revolves around violent encounters between ghouls and humans that add-on to the interest of the story.    

Another aspect that has helped in adding to the popularity of the series is the application of the Manga technique in it. This technique of comic creation is one that is accepted by people of all age groups, thus adding to the scope of Tokyo Ghoul becoming much more popular. The Manga technique covers almost all possible genres that can be thought of in the creation of a series. In fact, when one such plot is converted into a television series, the pattern of work becomes quite different with the actors working with his small group of assistants in a small studio as well.

According to TV Tropes, Tokyo Ghoul is a perfect combination of action and horror elements. A total of 14 volumes captured 143 chapters of the entire series. Studio Pierrot the series and aired it in a 12 series format on popular demand. 

An official film, rather a live action film was announced on June 17, 2016. The series has certainly witnessed a successful run in the market and has managed to create an amazing fan base of its own.