Tesla Model S production is slowing down as Tesla Model 3 production will start in June. The conclusion is made after Tesla revealed their record of deliveries and production for the first quarter on Sunday.

Based on Tesla's data, they delivered 25,418 vehicles for the first three months of 2017. 13,450 of the vehicles are Model S while 11,550 are Model X. Ben Kallo, the analyst of Robert W. Baird & Co., said that the total number of deliveries beats their expectation. "25,000 units are the best we could have thought, and people are looking at Model 3 for growth," Kallo said.

According to Bloomberg, production of old Tesla Model S is expected to discontinue this month. Maybe this is because the company will focus on manufacturing Tesla Model 3. Musk is expecting to produce a big number of Tesla Model 3.

He is hoping for 1,000 Tesla Model 3 produced in July, Hybrid Cars reported. Musk also expecting that 1,000 will be doubled on August and quadruple in the month of September. However, Tesla Model S is one of the cars that facing lawsuit claims due to "sudden and unintended acceleration."

According to the lawsuit, there are approximately 75,000 Model S vehicles sold after the introduction of Tesla Model S in 2012 until June 2016. There are also thirteen owner claims to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Claimants said that the vehicle suddenly switched full-power acceleration while parking or traveling at low speed.

Besides Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X also received bad complaints. "For the Model X, remarkably all 10 of the reported SUA events occurred while the driver was in the process of parking the Model X, all but one of which resulted in a collision," part of the lawsuit reads.

Musk, earlier explain that the accidents may due to human error. Tesla is one of the huge electric car company in the world.