Microsoft has created the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service to build, deploy and manage applications and services through a Microsoft-managed global network. It provides services like- software, platform, and infrastructure. It also supports many programming languages, tool, and frameworks. With the help of Microsoft Azure Portal or APIs, anyone can receive alerts and notifications whenever Microsoft Azure Resource will be working irregularly and also can get the recommendation on resource optimization. 

Microsoft Azure facilities will be available to all those who are using their virtual machines on Azure services. Facilities are like getting access to a wide range of metrics for VMs with Azure Monitor or creating alerts etc. 

According to Microsoft, recently, Microsoft has announced that Azure Advisor, Azure Monitor, and Azure Resource Health will be generally available, to provide robust monitoring, alerting capabilities and customized recommendation based on best practices. Microsoft has been using Azure services for a long time now, but now anyone can use Microsoft Azure to their monitor.

Providing platform metrics with one minute granularly by default Microsoft Azure Monitor enables easy monitoring, diagnose, alert, and notify cloud infrastructure problems through a single pipeline for monitoring.

Now Azure Monitor gives improved notification systems like- SMS, Email, and Webhook. Microsoft Azure application Insights and log analytics help to monitor and manage Platform, App, and Workloads within one portal. Again Microsoft Azure Resource Health informs the actual status of the resource health and also mitigates issues. It actually provides technical support for Microsoft Azure service issues. 

According to Ditii, if it's discussed in detail, then the importance of Microsoft Azure services will be cleared. Providing personalized recommendation Microsoft Azure Advisor optimizes Azure resources through the best practices. It also helps to improve the availability, security, performance, and cost-effectiveness of Azure services through the detail analyzing of resource configuration and usage.

In line with Principal Product Architect Dugan Sheehan, the extensible nature of Microsoft Azure Log Analytics and Azure Monitor help to develop production monitoring very quickly. He also admitted that the Azure services have enabled a lot of free times to provide extra care towards customer centric support systems

All of the Microsoft Azure Monitor, Advisor and Resource Health services are available from the very moment we want it and it needs no installation or configuration. After a long period, this is the time when Microsoft can be proud of Microsoft Azure services and its capabilities.