It is well known that the Nintendo switch has become a hot gaming product, however, owners failed to expect it getting this warm. Consistent with a couple of reports from users, Nintendo's new console has been warping and melting from overheating when left in its dock for long period of time.

It was reported by The Verge that a user in a Reddit thread, posted a picture of his deformed switch, which appears to have bent quite critically towards the right edge. The Nintendo  Switch owner says that he has spent roughly 50 hours of playtime with the device and that it gets very warm whilst docked. At least one commenter on the thread suggested having a similar issue.

The user followed up on his post with a YouTube video, wherein he mentions that he contacted Nintendo concerning the issue and received a delivery label in order that the company can check out the faulty console. Nintendo told the owner it was possibly an isolated issue, in spite of some folks on Reddit reporting the same issue.

According to Toms Guide, this warping issue is the newest in a decently lengthy listing of Nintendo switch problems. The most brilliant Switch issues at launch became the left Joy-key tendency to lose connection to the device, which Nintendo has reportedly fixed for all future models. Other problems include dead pixels and scratched monitors from the dock.

It genuinely doesn't assist that there is currently no way to transfer game saves from one Switch to some other, which means owners may lose the dozens of hours they placed into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild if owners make a decision to update their console.

It was claimed that Nintendo has yet to make an official statement concerning the warping trouble, nevertheless, owners are advised to keep an eye fixed on their console if they tend to leave it docked for lengthy stretches of time.