Morgan Stanley, a renowned leading financial institution, have recently revealed that Tesla Model 3 may likely end up being a bit too good for its own sake. Adam Jonas, the institution's analyst, claimed that the electric car maker is allegedly "underselling" the Autopilot features that he's bee expecting to be included in the Model 3 sedan. As he noted it, it was a move intently done by the company in order to prevent it from consuming a higher demand for the company's higher-end models.

Autopilot Ability In Tesla Model 3?

According to the Business Insider, Tesla Motors have been consistently rolling out an update to its semi-autonomous Autopilot system through an over-the-air software update but Model 3 is apparently never included to it. Dubbed as Autopilot 8.1, the new software is said to give certain vehicles shipped by Tesla after October 2016 some semi-autonomous features that were already available on older models.

Meanwhile, as per CNBC, Jonas claimed the Model 3 could have at least 19 sensors that will be collecting information, which in turn, will be 40x more powerful than the original Autopilot system. On behalf of the institution, Jonas explains that Tesla may be downplaying the role of the all-new hardware architecture of the Model 3 in terms of improved occupant and pedestrian safety. All of this allegedly is because of one reason, and that is, to avoid cannibalization of demand of its other models that apparently do not have the new architecture.

As of the press time, Tesla Motors is yet to release a statement regarding the matter. However, in one of his tweets, CEO Elon Musk has previously stated that the Model 3 will not have any features unavailable in its higher-end models. Ultimately, the company reportedly plans to begin with its initial production on the Model 3 in July; and before the year ends, it aims to start delivering cars to early reservation holders.