Lexus has shown that tweaked, sportier variations of its new flagship LS saloon are on the way, revealing that the new Lexus LS 500 F sports will make its debut at the new york motor show later this month.

The LS F sports  models, the designation may be available on each LS 500 and hybrid LS 500h vehicles, promising to supply what Lexus says will be "the most engaging LS driving experience," and could take lead of the auto's new GA-L platform plus a chain of tweaks intended to make the large Mercedes S-classic rival sharper and more agile to drive.

According to Auto Express, no official information is out yet - only an affirmation that the LS 500 F sports car will debut at the new york show in less than weeks and a teaser picture. Nevertheless, taking a glance at different LS F sports cars in the Lexus range, it's pretty easy to pin down the inbound tweaks.

The LS 500 F sports car will boast of a more competitive, sportier look than other cars within the LS range with new alloy wheels and greater muscular bodywork. The subject matter will continue inside with sports seats and new alluring new instrumentation behind a sports steering wheel.

It was speculated that the vehicle is primarily based on a prolonged version of the company's premium global architecture for luxury cars (GA-L), the "stiffest" platform Lexus has ever produced. 

The company assures that the LS 500 F will capitalize on the platform's "responsiveness to offer the most engaging LS driving experience yet, while at the same time maintaining the sedan's ride, smoothness and cabin quietness" reported Motor1.

However, it was revealed that the LS 500 F sports car will still use a 409bhp twin-turbocharged 3.5 v6 with 409bhp, and the LS 500h F-sport will use a 349bhp v6 hybrid. Although tweaks to the suspension and steering are given. Meanwhile, details will be available later this month when the LS 500 F sport breaks cover.