Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 Company, is an international management consulting and professional services firm that offer strategy, technology, digital consulting and operation services. Listed as ACN in the New York Stock Exchange, the company is the "Most Admired IT Services Company" for 2016.

Accenture nurtures Trust and Loyalty in the Digital age with its business collaborators. Accenture is evaluating its strategies on how to further maintain digital trust in the clients' circles of businesses. There are lots of cyber criminals out there from solo artists to a gang of marauders ready to pounce on every opportunity they get. Their capability to hack into defense systems and acquire personal, corporate and state secrets are very real.

Accenture taps more than 200 security professionals and advisers and already has precautions in place to further seal the portals of security breaches. Accenture is always rethinking State of the Art in cyber security. Cybersecurity supports the backbone of Accenture's thrust as it operates where business and technology intersects. This is a big help for companies to envision their future, reports Accenture.

Accenture has very good performance record on its 2016 operations. It reports net revenues of $32.9 billion with 394,000 employees serving 200 cities in 120 countries across the globe. Accenture's existing clientele involves 94 of the top 100 companies of the Fortune Global 500.

There were rumors circulating that Giant Company Oracle is looking at Accenture for acquisition. Accenture's market cap is $77.5 Billion dollars and it is a huge outlay for Oracle in case it decides to acquire it. The results are not for the best of Oracle and Accenture, according to Oracle spokeswoman, Deborah Hellinger, reports Business Insider.

There is a long list of Accenture subsidiaries that it supports, as reported by the Security and Exchange Commission. The need to be acquired is also out of the question for Accenture as it is doing fairly well in its business operations. Accenture will be Accenture as it sits on one of its visions for 2017: "Technology by the people, for the people".