There are current reports that European brand names such as Hermes and Harrods have adopted electric delivery trucks as the primary transport vehicle for their goods. Just for the past year, there had been a continuous surge of electric vehicles in the continent.

Car owners now prefer using eco-friendly vehicles and have supported in the movement of buying electrics or hybrids. With this change in the commercial industry, could this mean that electric vehicles are finally taking over Europe?

Hermes (the German-based courier service) have now transformed their delivery trucks to electric Mercedes-Benz units. Although the full transformation will be eventual and will take place starting next year, it seems that zero emission deliveries are the newest trend in Europe. This is based on an article from Green Car Reports.

Mercedes-Benz and Hermes are going to work hand-in-hand in this study of analyzing the efficiency of green delivery systems with zero emissions before the car manufacturer put a thumbs up on their mass production of units. The same is true with Harrods but instead of Mercedes-Benz units, they will be deploying Nissan e-NV200s. These vehicles are equipped with 24kWh lithium-ion batteries and are again, on test pilot for efficiency.

According to a report from The Verge, it was in 2015 when BMW announced the first ever 40-ton electric delivery truck in their line of vehicles. At the time, the capacity of electric vehicles are still at its low point and some skeptics have raised their issues about the efficiency of electric vehicles for delivery. However, the technology for electric vehicles have been continuously improving and latest EVs are much faster and more efficient than ever.

If these moves will prove to be success stories, it would seem that not only households but also commercial establishments will be contributing to the improvement of the environment. Zero emissions are the long term goal of the entire European nation.