Vive Day is coming! HTC has announced an anniversary sale to be held on the 5th of April this year and they are calling it Vive day. New customers are now excited over this announcement and are expected to queue up in stores to get noteworthy discounts.

HTC Vive has announced a full $100 off for the first anniversary of their product in the market. This is their way of celebrating the success of the HTC Vive headsets and provides it as a treat to their customers. From the original $799 price, the new price of the Vive Headset on Vive day will only be $699 for new customers.

The great news is that new customers are not the only ones getting the treat. HTC is offering a free copy of 'Arcade Saga' for all Vive owners as reported by Polygon. The 'Arcade Saga' is a collection of three action games and usually, sells for $19.99. These are the kinds of games that usually best display the capabilities of not only the Vive headset but all kinds of VR.

According to a report from ArsTechnica, this is the first ever price drop of the said gadget since its first ever release. The sad news is that the price drop will only happen for a day and the value will go back to its original selling price after Vive Day.

The HTC Vive headset is one of the most popular, high-end VR products from HTC. It has been designed to fully turn a room into a 3D platform designed for any game. What is special about this is that it is motion sensitive and will seem that the user is virtually walking through the 3D space. There are handheld controllers which are useful for equipment, machinery, and weapons inside a game. The gadget was an instant best seller because it allows the user to be literally immersed in the game.