The Chevy Bolt EV is said to be the game-changer for the electric-vehicle industry, but apparently, it is having a difficult time to leave dealer showrooms in California. There are series of reports about the inventories backing up despite the urging of the environmental regulators to boost its sales.

The said Chevy Bolt EV received a boatload of awards such as 2017 Motor Trend Car of the Year. It said to be the first affordable battery-electric to travel miles on a single charging. Mostly, it's three times the distance of most EVs in its class.

Later this January, the first month the Chevy Bolt EV was sold, it was moved to 1,162 Bolts, a respectable third place in plug-in electric vehicles sold in the United States, behind its own 2017 and the revamped Toyota Prius Prime. February came in and the Bolt sales tailed off to 952, fifth place, overtaken by a six-year-old electric, the called Nissan Leaf and the much more expensive Tesla Model S.

As they say, despite the advances in battery power, aerodynamics and its affordable price, the said car is far from breaking the sales records. It could also mean bad news for air regulators like the California Air Resources Board.

On last week's board meeting, members of the board announced that they will increase a pressure on carmakers to produce more EVs to attempt to bring California's total to four million EVs on state roads by the year 2030.

This means that the more EV goal the lesser air pollution and greenhouse gasses produced of which the main cause of the climate change. Though Mark Duvall, a director of energy utilization for the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto said that it will take a long time to change someone's inherent perceptions about the new technology. The board member will still push the said EV goal.