Apple has filed a patent application for a magnetic adapter which utilizes a MagSafe design. connector). This move by Apple is making users think that this type of connectors is making a comeback. The patent for the adapter is to enable to attach a MagSafe cord to a connector receptacle and universal serial bus type-C connector inserts.

The magnetic type power cord has been incorporated by Apple with its laptops for several years and it is known to be one of Apple’s unique feature. It could be recalled that with the 2016 MacBook Pro lineup, Apple took away the MagSafe connector with the introduction of USB-C. Its claim to fame is that it saves several Macbooks from the troubles of being drag down or avoiding it to crash down to the ground when someone trips over the power cable. This type of connector disengages from the laptop with the slightest pressure to prevent serious damage to your laptops according to Tech Radar.

Next Power Up reports this is a feature that is missed by many. With Apple’s filing of a patent application for this feature, plenty of folks would be happy. However, the patent application is a tedious process, so it may take a long time and there is no guarantee that it will successfully proper. If nothing else, it shows somehow that Apple understands how users feel about the old power cord. This could somehow open the doors to third-party accessory manufacturers that have already realized the need of the consumers.

In fact, a similar solution made by Griffin Technology called the BreakSafe, which was launched last year, is already available in the market. It is an adapter that similarly works like Apple's MagSafe and it is compatible with any device with a USB-C (or USB Type-C) port. It also employs magnets to detach the cable if there is any tension.