Jaguar Classic has recently joined in meticulously restoring Concours-quality Series 1 E-Types for only $355,000.00. It will be restoring ten of the first-generation E-Types and selling it to the public as part of the Jaguar Land Rover “Reborn” program. This came after a month when Land Rover Classic made an announcement that it was offering to restore first-generation Range Rovers for $170,000.00 only. The Jaguar E-Type or the XKE is considered a vintage car but because of the reborn program, it might as well be considered as a brand-new car.

Yahoo reports the reborn program restoration will be made by Jaguar Classic. To qualify for the program, each Reborn E-Type must start out as one of the original cars built back in the 1960s. Once identified as a prime candidate for reborn by Jaguar Land Rover Reborn program experts, the E-Types will be restored from the ground up using official Jaguar Classic parts. The result is that it comes out a Jaguar E-Type that is better than new.

Among the series 1 E-Type, the first is the 1965 fixed head coupe decked out in opalescent gunmetal grey with a 4.2-liter engine and 78,000 miles. Jaguar purchases this vehicle and has been in storage since 1983 according to The Drive. It restored it to its factory specifications and maintained most of its original parts. It’s full numbered to match the original engine and transmission and added some replacement Jaguar parts to where it needs.

This vehicle is set to be unveiled at Techno-Classica Essen in Germany next week. It will be sold for $355,000.00. Car Enthusiasts are given the option to avail of upgrades like the cooling system that is similar to the one installed in the lightweight E-Type, also the brake clipper from the Series 2 E-Type, or an all-synchromesh gearbox. The upgrades are suggested as they address notorious weak points on the original car.