The much-awaited Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 is expected to be out in the market this October 2017. It will be coming out with a SD-835 or Kaby Lake Processor with rechargeable surface pen. The gadget was supposed to be released last October 2016, however what was only shown is the new Surface Studio and Surface Book i7.

Analysts have previously anticipated the release to be on March this year, but there are indications pointing that that the release will be in this fall. Droid Report says one for which is the release of the patch of Windows Creator Update, which is going to be available this fall. This has become an annual event for Windows during October and it could be the most appropriate time to also unveil new gadgets, which utilizes the recent software adjustments.

As to its specifications, there was no certainty as to what processor will be installed in the Microsoft Surface Pro according to Tech Radar. There are reports saying that it will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 635 chip. There are also rumors going on that it will feature the Intel Kaby Lake Core i7 processor. It is the newest chipset, which upgrades the overall performance of the device.

As compared to the Intel chip, the Snapdragon 635 processor is reported to be better when it comes to battery life. It helps the battery to save up power over the Intel core chip and it potentially adds LTE for mobile connectivity. TechRadar reported that it is the biggest selling factor of the Surface Pro 5. Apparently, it is believed that it can run up to 7 to 9 hours because of the various sleep and hibernate modes that is unique with the Qualcomm processor. This hasn’t been confirmed yet by Microsoft.

Apart from that, the gadget will be designed with a lightweight aluminum body and will be having a 12.3-inch ultra-HD/4K display. It will be equipped with a 16GB RAM and 512GB internal memory. The device is reported to support USB Type-C and will have a robust battery. Another thing to expect is that it will be coming with a rechargeable surface pen and a keyboard based.