President Donald Trump signs an Executive Order with the precept to put American Jobs first rather than addressing the problems of climate change. Environmental officials say that the Executive Order will tend to curb environment regulations and enforcement in lieu to job creations.

There are plenty of reactions to this bill President Trump recently put into law. Critics say that this message sends devastating signals to the world, other governments, Federal employees, environment watchers and Greenpeace activists fighting global warming. The signal it transmits is the negation of CO2 emission will not be a top priority in the Trump administration. They say that the American leadership has no more interest in lowering greenhouse emission gases, reports Vox.

There are two impacts of Climate Change, the rising sea levels and the rise of global warming. White House Officials defends the Executive Order that trump put into law saying that the government can serve the environment and at the same time level up energy independence.

President Donald Trump's White House Officials says that it is more important for the government to protect and secure American jobs than climate change regulations. Trump's officials further says that the president does not want policies that put the U.S. economy at risk, reports CNN.

The U.S. and China are the top air pollution contributors in the world. Between them, 44 percent of the world's Carbon dioxide emissions spew from these giants. Yet, President Donald Trump and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping will not be talking about this impending disaster when the two world leaders meet.

The U.S. President Donald Trump will be the host of the meeting in Mar-a-Iago Estate in Florida. Their top agenda will likely be about trade between the two countries, North Korea, and the South China Sea issues. Global warming is not on the list of discussion, reports Independent.