Hydrogen powered vehicles are new in the car manufacturing industry. However, upon its release fuel cell technology vehicles have started to make a name for themselves. The 2017 Honda Clarity, among the first of its kind, is now being critiqued by experts and reviewers all over the world. Here is what they have to say about their first drive of the 2017 Honda Clarity.

One of the things that this vehicle boasts of is that it has absolutely zero emissions. It takes pride in its lengthy range if 589 km in one charge. This value has impressed experts as it is one of the highest ratings for any zero-emission vehicle. With all that the car boasts of, experts and reviewers all over the world are now testing whether the car exceeds all the anticipation.

According to a report from Auto blog, one of the best things about this vehicle is that it has that futuristic element to it. The design, the interior, and even the fuel technology which has been used for the vehicle seem like it has been obtained from a film of a futuristic theme. What most reviewers have been surprised of is the fact that it does not emit any harmful gases into the air.

It impressively releases nothing but H2O based on a report from Treehugger which is why buyers are quite fond of all electric and hybrid vehicles. On the road, the Honda Clarity is not perfect but is still on the good side. Driving it feels perfectly weighted that it would make driving through rough roads and slopes a breeze. The ride feels like an Accord type of feel with impressive machine power and enhanced regenerative braking.

On the negative side, however, it seems that all that uniqueness is not always beneficial. For instance, the fuel cells of the vehicle are located in between the front seats. Furthermore, the hydrogen is taking up significant space from the trunk. This means that it has eaten up usable space not only on the interior but in the storage compartments as well.