Late last week, new information about the Senate's move on internet privacy rulings have spread through the nation like wildfire. Internet users, telecommunications companies and other important people of the web have exclaimed their disgust and disappointment about the US government's decision regarding internet privacy. Famous web inventor Tim Berners-Lee had something to say about the new regulations.

Tim Berners-Lee is best known for his invention of the internet. He has also been named popular because of the fact that he also developed means of security to widen the scope of internet usage. He is the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation which aims to provide the internet for free or subsidized internet and turn it into a basic right. According to a report from MIT news, Lee has won a $1M Turing award for his invention.

The latest declaration of the US government regarding this issue has surprised many. It would seem that the move has been done to allow for advertising companies to use users' browsing data. The data that they would be able to obtain can be used to target specific kinds of advertising to internet users depending on the trend and behavior of their web usage.

According to a report from The Guardian, selling internet browsing data to private firms is disgusting. Famous internet personality, Tim Berners-Lee has shown his disgust over the Senate's decision to pass the regulation. There are risks for important personal information such as bank accounts, credit card information, and passwords. He has highlighted the vulnerability of the user against possible risks.

Lee is not the only one disappointed with this move. There had been reports that most telecommunications companies have promised their consumers that they will not sell private information. This has been done as a form of protection of the users.