Honda Accord Hybrid is considered to be the roomiest, comfortable mid-size sedan in this year 2017 with a four-door car. Honda Accord Hybrid is also one of the most fuel-efficient and gasoline-electric car in 2017.

Honda Accord Hybrid could travel as much as 758 miles before needing a fill-up of gasoline. The travel range stems' really impressive from the car's 15.8-gallon gas tank and its fuel economy which the federal government rates as 49mpg in city driving and 47mpg on highways.

The newest Accord Hybrid showcases Honda engineers on wheedled a more power out of the gas and electric parts of the powertrain which is a combined 212 horsepower. The 16.1-foot-long sedan starts from stops as quietly as it could and way quicker than expected, thanks to the 232 foot-pounds of torque it gets from the electric power system.

Honda Accord Hybrid's city driving efficiency is said to be higher because its slower speeds allow the electric motors to provide more of the propulsion power than they do at highway speeds. It also operates with a second-generation powertrain composed of a four-cylindrical engine.

Added that it has two re-engineered hybrid electric motors and a more downsized lithium ion battery pack to deliver and cater a total of 212 horsepower. Although it's not a plug-in hybrid car, the electricity for the electric motors is generated onboard.

Honda Accord Hybrid also has more trunk space than the last model that caters more space to use, it measures a decent 13.7 cubic feet larger than the previous model. Its rear legroom and headroom are measured at 39.3 and 38.3 inches.

The retail price of the said 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid for the starting manufacturer's is at around $30,480, which is $355 more than the cost of the last 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid including the destination charge and the car is said to put a great impact to the users.

According to YahooFinance the said Honda Accord Hybrid received an overall five out of five stars for occupants crash protection from the federal government. Users of the said car will have the best experience when they officially drive the car.