Long before, self-driving cars that has the ability to let you get in, specify your destination, and relax has always been a vision of the future. That said, it was also previously found that Nissan has been rigorously working on this type of vehicle which they plan to make commercially available by 2020. Now, with the recent spy videos surfacing, it looks like Nissan is living up to the expectations of a lot of its consumers and potential buyers.

Autonomous Nissan Leaf Prototype Finally Hits The Road

According to Green Car Reports, automakers, including Nissan, are already on the process of securing an individual active-safety systems that will serve as the building blocks of future self-driving vehicles. Not only that, car manufacturers also need to include an adaptive cruise control, lane-correction assist, automatic emergency braking, and other features to make sure of its efficiency and effectiveness. With that, a surfacing video clip of a prototype of a fully autonomous Nissan Leaf electric car is currently the talk of the town.

Furthermore, as per Tree Hugger, there has already been a number of fully autonomous Nissan Leafs that are being tested. Robert Llewellyn, one of the lucky ones to ride the LEAF says that its more than adept at handling the congested roads of urban Britain. With the use of twelve different cameras that was mounted externally on the roof of the car, as well as 4 different lidar units, it's really impressive that Nissan has come up with such technology.

Additionally, despite being in a prototype form, Llewellyn claims that the Japanese automaker has far more capabilities than the Tesla Autopilot system that he has previously experienced. In the video, it can be found that the experimental LEAF had also contained Nissan engineer Tetsuya Iijima in it. Ultimately, Nissan believes that the video would be a good demonstration of the capabilities and limitations of Nissan's current self-driving software.