Hail for anniversaries as "Clash of Clans" celebrates their upcoming anniversary and offers an update and freebies all over COC world. The updates and leaks from the widely-known game application "Clash of Clans" have been proliferating online.

According to the Neuro Gadget "Clash of Clans"- clan wars was not included in the gameplay, but apparently on April 9, 2014, the newest version as updated that managed to include the clan wars in the game option of which the said game became an addiction to many.

Since that time on the said game option has helped Supercell make it to fame and put their name on the top list of a highly valued mobile strategic game at all time. The said clan wars will eventually be brought up hence the said game will be viral once again as they remember the first time it was released.

That is why people are expecting for the newest updates and said freebies all over the internet. As of the current reads, the latest anniversary update will likely include free resources, according to leakster. The newest "Clash of Clans" leak update, the game will be sharing lots of gift bundles depending on the level of the player's Town Hall.

They also that as for a level 2 Town Hall, 20,000 Gold and Elixir will be given away together with 80 gems and some Dark Elixir amounting to 50,000 plus 500 gems will be given to player's who have reached Town Hall 7. To those of the players with Max Town Hall, it is believed that a 125,000 Dark Elixir will be reserved along with 1,200 Gems.

Although all of these are speculations that gone viral all over the internet and no legitimate confirmation yet from the Supercell with regards to the upcoming "Clash of Clans" anniversary update, the gamers are still positive that the freebies will arrive soon enough. There is mercy in waiting, so let's stay tuned.

Also, an addition to the craze the said speculation regarding the next venture of the Supercell known as water adventure with the use of the chips that later revealed by them during the Balancing update last March is for sure a much awaited one for the "Clash of Clans" fans.