The waiting game will soon be finally over as Microsoft prepares for the complete unveiling of their Xbox One project scorpio. Dubbed as Xbox Scorpio, it was found that the much awaited gaming console which will fully be unveiled on April 6 at 2PM in the UK and 6AM Pacific time. That said, despite not being a new generation for Xbox One, Microsoft's Xbox Scorpio is billed to be the most powerful gaming console ever.

The Xbox One Project Scorpio

According to Daily Express, being one of the greatest critic of Xbox One, Microsoft has apparently given Eurogamer's Digital Foundry an exclusive access to the console ahead of its launching date. As early as now, a number of game enthusiasts believe although the console will be packing lots of power, it will still be able to have a compact design. With that, the gameplay is allegedly going to see more of Forza Motorsport 7 which will take place during the Xbox Scorpio unveiling.

Meanwhile, as per Gadgets 360, since the Xbox Scorpio is not a brand new generation of consoles, it means that every game from a player's Xbox One library will still function on Xbox Scorpio. Additionally, Microsoft explains that Xbox Scorpio is for gamers who's been looking for a premium Xbox One experience without undermining some features. Previously, Microsoft said that Xbox Scorpio will be made commercially-available during the holiday season of 2017.

Furthermore, rumors has it that shortly after or even during the unveiling of Xbox Scorpio, Crackdown 3 will also be shown off. This comes after a tweet has been allegedly been posted by the Crackdown development team claiming that 2017 is apparently shaping up to be great. However, when asked, the studio was quick to dismiss such speculations suggesting perhaps that gameplay is being saved for the E3 gaming expo. Ultimately, with Microsoft's move to partner with Digital Foundry, who happens to be very straightforward in terms of its reviews, suggests that the Xbox team is either very confident or desperate.