Following after Bandit has been introduced, a number of arduous Clash Royale gamers have been patiently waiting for updates to be released. Over this weekend, the Clash Royale team has arguably unveiled its biggest sneak peak since the reveal of tournament mode. With the introduction of Leagues, new Arenas and new cards, fans can't help but wait. That said, it seems that the waiting game will soon finally be over as new cards are already set to be released in the weeks to come.

New Clash Royale Cards

According to Mo Esport, with the current deck of cards that are available, Bandit is what's popularly being used against the troops harassing a player's base from a distance. It was found that the Bandit card has the ability to dash toward any target once within a 4-6 tile range for a big attack. Furthermore, since Bandit's hitpoints is slightly higher as compared to Electro Wizard and Ice Wizard at comparable levels, it means that spells these two will not have much effect on it.

Meanwhile, as per Hi Tech Gazette, since Clash Royale was introduced, the new cards have always been one of the bases of growth in playing the game. That said, it seems that the card's wait events have apparently created a more interesting path, either with the arrival of Clan Battle or Retro Royale. Additionally, a new leak has recently suggested that from now on, a card will allegedly be released every three weeks. Thus, the move is said to be adding one more to the two established in the pack of 4 above.

Despite not having a clear date whether it's going to be on April 14, May 5 or May 26, the change indicates that the next three could arrive on the following dates. Ultimately, rumors has it that the Night Witch will be the next to arrive, followed by the Healing and the Bats will be the last one, at least for now.