Mercedes Benz makes this ambitious move that is previously on schedule for delivery on 2025. Due to market demands and carbon dioxide emission concerns, the German car maker is expediting its run down to 2022 in delivering 10 models of Electric vehicles. It is a daring move as these future models will be using the latest technology in component with Artificial Intelligence.

Daimler is putting in €10 billion ($ 10.8 billion) to ensure the 10-model Electric Vehicles portfolio happens. The demands for green cars are in; Tesla have 370,000 reservations for its model 3 that starts at $35,000, which is lesser than any electric car of any make. Daimler sees this opportunity and have to speed up electric car production and deliveries or the company will be left behind in the race.

The Tesla Model 3 EV has a travel distance of 215 miles on a charge. This unit romps the Tesla production schedule together with the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model S. Sales for these two Tesla models rose to 25,000 units on the first quarter of 2017. Tesla Model 3 will join Tesla output of EVs when it starts operation on the month of July 2017. Mercedes Benz will have a share of the market when Daimler EVs begin to roll from their factories, Green Car Reports.

The age of the combustion engine era is slowly fading and Daimler Benz wants to hurriedly infuse electric cars into the game. Almost all carmakers are into the fray of electric vehicle exploration and investment. Mercedes is on it right now. Early Auto fabricators like Nissan introducing the mass production of the Nissan Leaf 2011, are making fine adjustments to better the models on their output roster, reports Nissan News.

European car buyers are now shying away from fossil fuel vehicles and are keeping their sights on the fuel efficient and environment friendly Electric Vehicles. Combustion engines will face further refinement as the enhancement of EVs are in for further development. Daimler Benz Chairman Manfred Bischoff wants to implement a smooth transition of the combustion engine to the Electric engine, reports Bloomberg.

Mercedes Benz goal is only 5 years away and by the looks of their commitment, they are up to delivering the goods come 2022.