Samsung is making a comeback after its disastrous Galaxy Note 7 battery issue last autumn. The Korean phone maker is looking to move on from that chapter of their company with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Let us take a closer look at what Samsung's next flagship tablet will bring to the table.

Tech Radar reports that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be known with the model number SM-N950. Its codename is Baikal, which refers to the Siberian Lake, the lake deepest in the world. The Note 8 will be the first smartphones that will feature a pixel-dense 4K screen. And since it will sport 4K resolution, it is likely that the phone will also double as a VR headset screen.

Since the Note 3, Samsung has remained on a 5.7-inch screen but rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will break from this tradition and opt for a 6.2-inch screen instead. It will also get rid of the top and bottom bezel and go for a wraparound edge-to-edge screen left to right. Rumor has it that the Note 8 could also become the first smartphone to have a foldable screen but it seems unlikely.

The Inquisitr reveals that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also come with an AI digital assistant and enhanced camera. Latest camera specs for 2017 Galaxy smartphones point to a dual camera setup similar to what is now being seen on the iPhone 7 Plus. As for the virtual assistant, reports reveal that it will be called Bixby. The Siri-like virtual assistant will have capabilities such as performing tasks, dictating messages, and responding to queries.

Cnet reports that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the first to use the eight-point battery test, a measure designed to ensure that no repeat of the Note 7 failure will happen. The Galaxy S8 and other future Samsung phones will also be using the eight-point battery test. The phone is expected to be launched as early as September to as late as October 2017, six months after the S8 and S8 Plus.