Despite being regarded as the ultimate game changer for the electric-vehicle industry, GM's Chevrolet Bolt EV is now facing one of its biggest challenges as it sales have recently went down.The dramatic decline in sales comes right after GM's delivery report has been released earlier today.That said, it was found that it all started in February while the automaker is already in the middle of its production ramp up. Consequently however, it turns out that they have stayed at the same level, with 978 units, in March.

Chevy Bolt EV's Low Sales

According to Electrek, although delays during a production ramp up is a usual occurrence for the industry, the problem is that it has already been 4 months since the production has started. What makes it even worse is the fact that GM has been expanding the Chevy Bolt EV's market without even conducting more inventory; thus, GM probably didn't see that one coming. Previously during the first quarter of the year, GM has allegedly expanded the market for the Bolt from just California and Oregon by adding 5 more states in February and March.

Meanwhile, as per Mercury News, it can be remembered last December that the automaker has even received a handful of awards including the recognition as 2017's Motor Trend Car of the Year. Chevy Bolt EV is apparently the first affordable battery-electric to travel 238 miles on a single charge, which might also be the reason why it has been previously considered as the leader in the EV industry.

Despite facing one of their biggest challenges yet, a number of critics are still convinced that the apart from being the best electric car, Bolt is considerably the best car on the road. Ultimately, car enthusiasts say that it will be more interesting to follow Bolt EV deliveries given that Tesla's Model 3 is about to be launched.