The latest venture of the mind-computer interface is still on the planning stage and this is one of Elon Musk's innovative ideas calling it the "Neuralink". The goal is to have a computer chip implant in the brain aiding it for memory recollection of information or data, complex processes such as formulas and mathematical equations and medical breajthroughs for that matter.

Human beings' intellectual capacity will merge with artificial intelligence making it somewhat of a super functioning brain. Elon Musk, founder of Neuralink claims the existence of this project in his last speech in Dubai. It is a collaboration of the mind and artificial intelligence, discussing it in a forum to a crowd in the Middle East. The meeting of the biological and digital minds with the aid of chip implants to the brain is possible.

Neuralink is a project proposal that exists only in comic books for now. There is still no factual study linking the brain transmitters with a microchip. Some implants in the brain is the cause of a last resort option to a patient when there is no other way to cure an illness. Brain implants is a precarious procedure let alone to tinker with the host.

In Silicon Valley, futurists have takers of these outlandish ideas. Kernel, a startup company founded by Braintree co-founder Bryan Johnson is an investor believing in this idea of brain cognition. Johnson has an investment of his own money worth $100 million in the project. Elon Musk just bought the company for $800 million, reports The Verge.

Elon Musk's principle is for the human brain essential linkage to computers with AI or face the risk of being irrelevant. A computer connection to the brain could operate on a terabyte level, that is the speed a human brain could function with AI linkages, reports CNN.

But is Neuralink a threat to humanity as what cyborg movies depict on film? Elon Musk did say this on record and further elaborates that all of us are already cyborgs with the Digital connection that we carry. He gave $10 million in a research fund to stop AI turning against humanity, as reported by RT News.