Early this week there had been a teaser release of a futuristic vision of the Renault racing car units. Fans have been tickled with excitement when they saw the intricate visual design of the Grand Prix racer. However, a single photo has been released so far.

Known as the Renault R.S. 2027, the car company has envisioned what race cars would look like in the next ten years according to a report from Car Magazine. The problem with the teaser photo released is that it features only a part of the car showing LED lights, its rider, and a dark background. Fans cannot even tell what kind of vehicle it would look like. Without a single photo to base their excitement on, people are now continuously discussing the possible designs and specifications of the vehicle.

There had been discussion on what the car would look like, featuring fans' own rendition of a futuristic vehicle. There are fans that express their excitement over possible changes in shape to maximize aerodynamics and minimize drag, carefully increasing the efficiency and speed of the car.

They are also betting that newer and higher technology materials will be used for these new racers. Some fans have even indicated that they are betting race cars of tomorrow to be completely hybrid or electric. Others have said that it may be fuel cell.

The best thing about this is that the vision concept will be shown at the Shanghai Motor show on the 19th of April this year. According to AutoExpress UK, it is in this 2017 car show that all the details of the futuristic car will be revealed. The article also indicates that if Renault has envisioned a racer for 2027, it would only mean that they are planning to stay with Formula One in the future, or for at least the next ten years.