It is definitely a shocked to everyone as Apple quietly launched its latest 2017 iPad Pro 2 a branded in most case and simply called as iPad; the Air branding no more. Apparently, Apple was quick to call the newest iPad the 5th generation, but the rest of the Apple editors have been squabbling over whether to call it that or most probably it will be called as iPad 7th generation or iPad 2017 edition.

So much for the name, however, it will be called 2017 iPad Pro 2, this latest release appears to replace the iPad Air 2 in Apple's lineup. The iPad mini 2 has also disappeared from the store and only available for educational buyers and purposes. It represents an affordable option to those who don't need the flashier, a way more expensive iPad Pro though, but an even better equipped one.

The 2017 iPad Pro has the same chassis design as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, with the same elegantly chamfered edges curving gently to the back of the device. The chamfered edge itself has a slightly brushed matt finish, as opposed to the mirror shine on previous iPads of this design, but it's otherwise essentially the same.

 The design of the 2017 iPad Pro 2 is way more attractive and it achieved a classic design. But as with the iPhone 7, users can point out that even great designs do age eventually; tablet buyers gladly want to upgrade their devices at the best of times, without Apple refusing to refresh its iPad template from time to time. Users look forward eagerly, as of this time on, the users can expect only a few differences from the rest.

The 2017 iPad Pro is way thicker and heavier than the Pro and Air 2 alike which each measure 6.1mm and 437g/444g for the Wi-Fi and cellular models, but the same length and width it also has the same dimension with the 2013's iPad Air 1.

The said 2017 iPad Pro ranges from US$329 - US$559 depending on Gigabytes it offers. The newest iPad gives us an interesting design and features, though a few differences from the Apple's previous release, the most important is how useful it will be for the rest of the users.