The BMW i8 will get a host of improvements this coming Spring, including an all new laser headlight technology and smart key fob. BMW is keeping the details of the complete function of the fob a secret, only releasing one tiny bit of information, which is that it will be made from earth friendly materials.

This wasn't much to go on until the website, Bimmerfile, dug up a couple leaked photos of the key fob, which seems to tell a bit more to the story. For one, the fob will include all the normal buttons the we have become accustomed to, including the door locks and trunk latch release.

What is quite a bit different from the norm, is a full resolution LCD screen, which appears to be capable of communicating with its i8 host. From what we can see in the photos, it should offer its owner such pertinent information as the amount of charge that is currently in its battery, what time the battery will be fully charged, and the distance the car can travel with its current level of charge.

There are also a few other mystery buttons on the fob, which suggest that it will be somewhat customizable to the driver, enabling them to trigger certain actions with the push of a button. This ought to be interesting to see how a key can communicate between all your other devices, and prove itself to be useful beyond its novelty.

With less than six months before the BMW i8 goes on sale in the US, it's technology is looking to be almost as exciting as its turbocharged 1.5-liter gas engine and electric motor. The electric sports car by BMW should give the Porsche 911 and Audi R8 E-Tron a run for its money, and it will be interesting to see how buyers (and reviewers) respond to its innovation.