The Fiat 500e will be featured in Road & Track's upcoming feature, “The Best of Everything,” which will be hitting New stands this week. And Road & Track is not the only ones who have taken notice. Fiat reports that the 500e has also received “top” awards from Ruedas ESPN and the Northwest Automotive Press Association's "Drive Revolution" green car competition.

So, the big question is, why are journalists so enamored with the little electric car? Well, its plucky, and some would even say a little sexy (yeah, just look at it). Taking advantage of its 111 horsepower and 147 lb-ft electric motor, the Fiat 500e can hit 0-60 in around 9-seconds, which is not too shabby. It also has pretty good handling characteristics, and uses a “blended braking” system to help recharge the battery over long distance driving.

It is also practical. The seat configuration is 2 + 2, its top speed is a highway manageable 85 mph, and you can fit up to 7.0 cubic feet of stuff in its boot (trunk). It also gets a combined mpg rating of 116, and that includes driving as far as 100 miles without needing to recharge. What is also impressive is the fact that the liquid cooled battery can be fully charged in less than four hours using a 220-volt source.

The price isn't too shabby either, settling in at a comfortable $20,500 once all the appropriate rebates have been divvied out (base price is $32,500). In fact, Fiat claims your monthly lease payments could go as low as $199 a month. However, to reach such a bottom basement number your local dealer would need to pass on their bonus incentive to you, which is $1500 for every car sold.

Congratulations Fiat, and we look forward to reading the full story in Road & Track later this week.