Drag racer Chris Matheson was thrown from his top fuel motorcycle in a painful 230 mph crash during the 2013 Nitro Champs race earlier this month. The incident occurred at the Sydney Dragway during a semifinal round solo run.

Spectators were stunned as they helplessly watched Matheson barrel roll down the drag strip for at least 100 feet before coming to a stop from 230 mph. A spectator at the race managed to record the 230 mph crash, revealing a cloud of debris that was kicked into the air by Matheson's body.

According to reputable sources, a strong gust of sidewind was the likely cause of the crash.

Understanding the sheer agony of being tossed along the asphalt from 230 mph, first responders scrambled to attend to Chris Matheson. Stunningly, medics checked his vitals and found Matheson only sustained minor injuries. Matheson had a broken angle and some bump and bruises.

A remarkable display of modern safety equipment, expect to see Chris Matheson back on a motorcycle very soon.

Watch the shocking crash in the video below: